5 Ways to Be More Mindful This Year

Last Updated on December 30, 2023 by Marie Kathleen

Mindfulness refers to a state of mind credited by most experts as the surefire way to curb anxiety and stay mentally healthy and happy. The game’s entire aim is to reach a relaxed awareness of our own thoughts.

Do not be fooled into thinking mindfulness is a mere trendy fad. Buddhist monks have been practicing mindfulness for more than two millenniums, and the therapy is also recommended by healthcare systems worldwide.

What’s more? Clinical trials have confirmed that Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapies are efficient techniques for reducing depression by helping patients deal with issues productively.

With that in mind, here are five ways you can bring mindfulness into your life moving forward.

  1. Switch Off Your AutoPilot And Start Paying Attention

Have you ever driven several miles without really knowing or paying attention to how you got where you were? That means you were on autopilot and weren’t focusing on the task at hand. Needless to say, this can be dangerous when doing certain activities, such as driving, and also isn’t good for your mental health.

By actively engaging with every activity you partake in at every moment, your mind becomes easier to control and more receptive. The next time you brush your teeth or drive, absorb the entire experience and take note of the towns you’re driving through, how reaching your destination may make you feel, and maybe even how your car works.

  1. Be Kind To Yourself

It’s easy to beat yourself down, particularly when you’re stressed and things aren’t going your way. The next time that happens, instead of thinking about what you loathe about yourself, start paying attention to the parts you appreciate. Maybe you’re a talented musician, a loyal friend, a good cook, or maybe you’re super funny.

No matter your strengths, start celebrating them and spend as much time as possible finding many other attributes you haven’t recognized yet. According to researchers at Princeton University, the higher your self-confidence, the bigger your motivation to succeed in life will be.

  1. Take A Walk In The Woods

Breading fresh air is often sufficient to clear any proverbial cobwebs in your mind, and what better way to breathe fresh air than when you wander through the woods? A study of 60 young ladies in Japan found that brief walks in a forest helped them feel happier, more comfortable, and relaxed.

The researchers in the study also found the simple task to have massive additional benefits, including lower feelings of hostility, increased energy, and reduced anxiety and tension.

No forests around where you live? Do not sweat it. Simply head to the nearest tree-lined street or park.

  1. CBD Can Help You Feel Better

In the wake of the COVID pandemic, burnout was on the rise. More people were experiencing mental distress, and several CBD brands reported a rise in clients asking for an antidote to their Covid-induced anxiety as they resorted to new coping methods.

Let’s look at two ways CBD can help you achieve mindfulness.

First, CBD can help you stay mindful by balancing the overproduction of the cortisol hormone. Think of cortisol as the body’s built-in alarm system and primary stress hormone that’ll help you determine whether you should go into flight or fight mode. As such, by regulating the overproduction of this hormone, Cannabis allows you to respite from any unnecessary internal battles.

Second, studies have proven that CBD can help boost serotonin levels, the critical neurotransmitter that infuses our bodies with feelings of well-being. You’ll need this if your goal is to start reacting more calmly in challenging situations.

That said, to enjoy the full range of mindfulness-related benefits CBD has to offer, only invest in high-quality Cannabis products sold by reputable and authorized distributors like Matrix Extractions. Matrix Extractions, for example, specialize in supplying high-quality Cannabis products you can use as part of your daily mindfulness routine to lessen symptoms of anxiety or depression and lead to a better sense of well-being.

  1. Check-In With Your Body

Most of our body functions do not require our participation. Our hearts beat continuously, we breathe automatically, and these functions keep going regardless of what we’re doing. That said, the body constantly sends us signals through sensations to let us know how our bodies are holding up, so take a moment every day to check in with your body.

What do you notice? Are you holding any tension? Do you feel light or heavy? Are there any pains or aches? Checking in with your body not only helps you realign your attention with the present but also helps you understand how you can better show your body TLC.


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