A Guide to Terp Sauce and Where to Find it in Canada

Last Updated on December 30, 2023 by Marie Kathleen

If you are a regular cannabis user, you might already know what terp sauce is, but if you are not, this short guide we’ve prepared is for you. This cannabis extract contains a high concentration of terpenes. This makes it look like a syrupy and runny sauce-like concentrate, from what it got its name. In this post, we will give you more information on what terp sauce is, how it’s made, the right way to consume it and where you can find it.

What is a Terp Sauce?

Terp sauce is a highly concentrated cannabis extract that looks like sauce. This extract is made of terpenes that are the oils inside the cannabis. These oils give cannabis flowers different aromas. These oils are also responsible for the influence you feel when you consume this plant, such as being relaxed, focused, stress-free, or focused.

There are many different variations of terp sauce. Some of them, like liquid terpene, for instance, can be combined with a CBD or THC isolate. Or maybe you can mix them with a potent distillate. 

How is Terp Sauce Made?

 Many characteristics of this extract is that it can contain a higher-than-average level of terpenes, for instance only 30% of THC or/and CBD and 70% terpene extract. How is this achieved?

The answer is terp sauce is made by using a lot of processes that extract its ingredients. This is usually done by using solutions like hydrocarbons, CO2 or butane. Thanks to these processes, terpenes are separated from the other ingredients after which they form an aromatic liquid concentrate that looks like syrup. After this phase is finished, the terp sauce can be mixed with THC or CBD in various forms.

The Right Way to Consume it

If you want to consume terp sauce, it is recommended to try dabbing. Dabbing is one method through which you can receive highly potent cannabis with vaporization. If you decide to go with this, what we would suggest is to start low and go slow. You can use a torch, heat up the oil on a dab rig. If you inhale the vapor, the results will be fast-hitting and intense high with an intense feeling. 

Where Can You Find it In Canada?

Most people who consume terp sauce would agree that this type of juice is probably one of the most potent forms of cannabis that you can find on the market. Its high THC/CBD level gives it additional potency to the final product. What you can find in the market is called High Terpene Full-Spectrum Extras (HTFSE) which are highly concentrated forms of cannabis. These are maybe the purest form of cannabis that are available on the Canadian market today. You can find terp sauce in different dispensaries that sell cannabis products. You can also find them in most of the licensed online stores. However, you have to be careful when you are buying products from online stores that are not licensed, since it may happen that the quality of the product is much lower.

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