An Introduction to Edibles

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Cannabis edibles are becoming increasingly popular since they do not come with the hazards of inhaling cannabis smoke. They are also a lot easier to indulge in since you can just pop one in your mouth as opposed to all of the grinding, loading, and cleaning that comes with smoking cannabis. 

Edibles are made by adding cannabis distillate, butter, or oil to gummy candy, cakes, or any other snack of your choice. They will give you a similar feeling to that which smoking gives you, though an edible takes a lot longer to work its way through your system, resulting in a longer-lasting feeling. However, if that feeling is still not long enough, there are ways to help you increase your high from edibles.

Ways to Increase Your Edible High

One of the more popular methods to increase your high from edibles is to eat them with a food item that contains a lot of fat. The reasoning behind this method is that the THC in your edible will bond to any fat cells that it finds. In other words, if your edible is floating around in your stomach with a lot of milk or butter, the THC will cling to these foods rather than continuing immediately through your system. This means a longer high!

Another theory to increase your edible high is to eat mangos about an hour before eating your edible. Mangos contain terpene that is also found in cannabis; some scientists think that this terpene makes you more susceptible to THC. There is also the option of taking your edible on an empty stomach, which will make the THC kick in faster, resulting in your getting to enjoy your high even quicker! 

Though some people advise against it, drinking alcohol after you take your edible has also been shown to increase your high. This is because alcohol is very good at absorbing THC. Be careful with this method, however, as it seems to make a lot of people feel too high.

If you are trying to maximize your high, the last thing you want to do is turn around and take something that is high in CBD. CBD is another chemical that is found in cannabis plants, but this chemical counteracts the effects of THC. It is good to keep some high-CBD options around in case you think you are too high, but not if you are trying to maximize your high. 

Also, avoid eating lemons or drinking lemonade or drinking lemon water. The lemons contain limonene, which has a calming effect that may depress the effects of THC.


Are you an avid edible eater? Are you someone who is looking to increase the high that you get from edibles? Look no further! There are plenty of ways to increase your high from edibles. Eating something fatty is the most well-known method, but you can also try mangos or alcohol, or try eating nothing at all and taking them on an empty stomach. Whichever way you choose, you are sure to feel even higher!

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