Different Methods of Consumption

Last Updated on December 30, 2023 by Marie Kathleen

How do you consume your weed? Here are the top methods of consumption. Which one is your go-to method?

Pipes/Handheld/Water Pipes

Pipes/handheld/water pipes come in all shapes, sizes, and different designs. Finding one that’s right for you is the best way you can get the whole experience. Pipes are easy to carry around and are straightforward to use. These are great for beginners or travelling if you are always on the go. Weed pipes are suitable for use while you are out and about, plus they can be used as one-hitters to get a quick puff in before doing anything.


Joints and blunts are smoked in similar ways, but they do have their differences. Joints are small and are shaped in a cone form. This isn’t always the case, but most of the time, it is. They have a filter at the tip that you use to inhale the smoke without inhaling the flower. They burn evenly, and some burn slower than others. 

Blunts, on the other hand, are slightly bigger and have a straight tube shape to them. They don’t use filters and need to pinch the tip a bit not to inhale any of the herbs into your lungs. The blunt wraps have tobacco blended in them to give you more of a buzz, and they tend to last longer when you smoke them.


Vaporizing is becoming more popular with the benefits of it being better than smoking. It works in three steps; first, it heats your ganja right before its combustion level. Secondly, it converts the ingredients into a smokeless and inhalable vapour. Third, it delivers the vapour right into your mouth, and you can barely notice because there’s no smoke. 

The benefits of vaping instead of smoking are that you will save money because vaping uses less herb than smoking does while you still get the same effects. It tastes a lot better, and you won’t smell like you’ve been smoking cannabis because there’s no aroma to it unless it’s been flavoured.


To put it, simply dabbing is consuming a concentrated cannabis oil; by heating a hot surface, you can add a drop of oil and let it vaporize. When it vaporizes, you can inhale the vapour. This is a way to get the most out of your oil because it’s pretty potent with this way of use.


Ingestibles or weed edibles are cannabis products that are either weed-infused foods or can be in pill form. Both have different potencies and can take some time to settle in your system to start feeling their effects.


Topical cannabis is weed-infused lotions, balms or creams that you can apply to your skin, and the cannabis will seep into your skin. This gives you a different experience with consuming cannabis and has plenty of physical health benefits for sore muscles and joints.

There are many different methods of consuming cannabis. With it becoming more popular, especially in the health sector, people want other ways to use it to suit their needs and lifestyle. Which one is your top choice?

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