Everything You Should Know About Distillate

Last Updated on December 30, 2023 by Marie Kathleen

The translucent and runny oil without waxes and other compounds that are removed from the original cannabis plant, is called distillate. Distillate is wanted by many because of its potency and versatility. This oil is used to dab, vaporize, and be mixed in edibles or topicals. Distillate products got their name because they are made through a distillation process that separates their compounds from cannabis.

What is Distillate? 

Distillate is the final product that you get from the whole distillation process. When doing this, all materials from the cannabis are systematically stripped out, except for this one specific cannabinoid – the base ingredient of most edibles. 

Distillate typically lacks any taste, flavor and aroma. This is powerful cannabis oil that can be used in combination with other cannabis products or on its own. It’s shown in the two most common forms – THC oil and CBD oil. This depends on which oil is most prominent in the product. For instance, if the final product is pure THC, it will be THC oil. If it’s CBD the product will be CBD oil.

Even though it is missing the favors and the aromas of the cannabis plant, distillate is extremely powerful. The benefit of this is that you can have complete control over the final product’s smell and taste. 

Ways to Consume Cannabis From a Distillate Syringe 

There are a few ways you can consume a distillate syringe. They include smoking, dabbing, edibles and directly eating distillate from the syringe. If you mix your favorite cannabis strain with distillate, for instance, you will get a lot of opportunities that will help you explore the more powerful flavors and effects. If you would like to use the distillate as it is, then dabbing, as well as cooking or mixing it in with tea are some of the ways to consume it. If you decide to go with edibles, you need to know that you can add them to everything, including smoothies and salad dressings.


When it comes to its benefits, it really depends on what your purpose is. You can either consume it for therapeutic and medical purposes, or strictly recreational 

If distillate will get you high or not really depends on the right cannabinoid you consume. One good side is that removing all the components except for the desired cannabinoid will make the final product extremely powerful. Because of that, if you decide to consume THC distillate, for instance, it will make you very high. This is a result of the almost pure THC content.

If you consume a CBD distillate, you will feel the therapeutic benefits. Since this compound does not produce intoxicating effects, you probably won’t get an intense high. 

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