Five Potential Health Benefits of Cannabis

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As the years go by, more and more states and countries are legalizing marijuana; some of these legalizations are only in the medical form. But what exactly is medical marijuana? What medical conditions do you have to have in order to receive medical marijuana? What potential health benefits, if any, do scientists think that marijuana possesses? There are, in fact, many studies that show that there are many health benefits of cannabis. Let’s look at the top five potential health benefits of cannabis.

5 Potential Health Benefits of Cannabis

1 Pain Relief

The most popular complaint amongst medical users is chronic pain. In one study, users who suffered from chronic pain reported an over forty percent decrease in the pain that they felt while under the influence. For those who are suffering from pain because of chemotherapy, cannabis can help with the pain and with side effects from the chemotherapy, such as nausea and loss of appetite.

2 Depression and Anxiety

Users who suffer from depression and anxiety make up about twenty percent of medical marijuana users, and over ninety percent said that they saw an increase in their symptoms and in their moods. That is almost a perfect success rate! In other words, if you are suffering from depression or anxiety (or both!), go talk to your doctor about medical marijuana. The chances are that it will help!

3 Multiple Sclerosis

Two out of three adults with multiple sclerosis have a prescription for medical marijuana, making this the second most popular group of users. Out of those who use cannabis to treat their multiple sclerosis, most of them report reducing their dosage on their multiple sclerosis prescriptions! If you know someone suffering from multiple sclerosis, suggest medical marijuana and include these numbers. Hopefully, it will help them.

4 Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Some users receive medical marijuana for their Alzheimer’s or dementia. There have been studies that show that cannabis could help increase proteins in the brain that will help improve memory loss and motor function. These studies were originally done on mice who, after being injected with CBD, were better able to remember things and to recognize new objects.

5 Epilepsy

Cannabis to treat epilepsy is one of the more thoroughly researched topics as far as cannabis for medical purposes goes. As a matter of fact, the FDA has approved a cannabis-based drug, Epidiolex, for those who suffer from epilepsy. On the internet, you can find countless before and after videos of sufferers who have epilepsy. The obvious seizures turn into gentle shakes after they have been given a prescription for medical marijuana.


In conclusion, there are many medical uses for cannabis, anything from physical effects like pain to mental effects like depression. If you are suffering from any medical condition and are curious if cannabis could help or not, talk to your doctor. It is possible that it could and you could get some sort of relief. 

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