How Long Does an Edible High Last?

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Edibles are a great way to get a long and mellow high from cannabis extracts, and to access their many health benefits, but just how long does an edible high last?   

Back in the day, smoking cannabis was the best and, indeed, the only way to experience the psychoactive effects of cannabis. But these days, there is a wide variety of different extracts derived from the cannabis plant on the market. 

Cannabis edibles are a handy and economical way in which to consume cannabis extracts such as THC and CBD oils, shatter, wax and diamonds. But before you scoff down a handful of cannabis gummies you need to consider a few things. 

What are Cannabis Edibles Anyway?

Cannabis edibles are any form of cannabis extract manufactured into a form that can be eaten or swallowed as opposed to smoked. And although modern cannabis edibles have only been around since the 1960s in the West, they have a long history in other parts of the world.  

More bhang for your bucks

Cannabis has been consumed as food for almost 4,000 years. The oldest know tradition of consuming cannabis is a drink made from yogurt, nuts, rose water and spices infused with cannabis. This drink, known as bhang, was consumed at holy festivals in India and its origins have been dated as early as 1,000 BC.

Another ancient cannabis-infused food is a type of jam known as Majoun, which was created sometime in the 11th century by the nomadic Berber tribes of the northern African deserts.

Ms Toklas’ Cookbook

The first recipe for an edible cannabis product appeared in a cookbook published in the early 1960s by Alice B. Toklas, the life partner of the American writer Gertrude Stein. The book included a recipe for “Hashish Fudge” and these “brownies” became an integral part of the cannabis culture of the Sixties.  

Today’s range of edibles

These days, cannabis edibles come in a range of sizes, shapes, flavours, colours and strengths. These include:

  • Cannabis gummies. Gummies are a chewable candy (sweet) infused with THC. Gummies are suitable for sublingual administration, that is, can be placed under the tongue to dissolve and release the active constituent into the bloodstream
  • Tincture of Cannabis. THC (the active psychoactive compound found in cannabis) is highly soluble in alcohols such as ethanol. Cannabis tinctures can be consumed directly via a dropper, or added to food. 
  • Cannabutter. This is made from cannabis oil mixed with unsalted butter. It can then be used as an ingredient in any baking recipe.

Clear Your Schedule

It takes a long time for the effects of edible cannabis products to be felt. It is therefore natural to assume that those effects will last longer than those experienced by simply inhaling the smoke produced by a cannabis product. For some people, the effects of consuming cannabis can be stronger than smoking it because of the way that the liver processes THC. 

From 30 minutes to 24 hours

The effects of an edible high will take at least 30 minutes to kick in. This is because of the time it takes for your body to begin metabolizing the active compounds in the edible. 

The effects of edibles can last for 12 hours and it isn’t uncommon for them to last for 24 hours or longer. For this reason, you need to have plenty of time available after you consume a cannabis edible for the effects to wear off. 

Start slow and be patient

If you are new to consuming cannabis edibles it is a good idea to take baby steps. Start out by eating products that only contain small amounts of THC (no more than 2.5mg) and slowly increase the dosage as you get used to the effects and how long they last.

Each person will have a set of physiological characteristics that will influence how quickly you feel the effects of consuming cannabis edibles and how long those effects will last. So make sure you get plenty of advice before you start eating those tasty, health-giving cannabis edibles.  

Edible Experts.

The staff at Matrix Extracts have in-depth knowledge about cannabis edibles. They will be able to give you plenty of advice about which edibles are best for you, how and when to consume them, and how long you can expect their effects to last. 



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