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Medical Cannabis

Cannabis can be used to treat, and cope with many medical conditions. Your medical professional will be able to guide you and determine the best treatment plan if cannabis is something you’d like to try. If cannabis is deemed to be the most effective treatment plan you may be given a prescription. On your prescription, it will say how many grams per day and a target THC or CBD dose that will work best for you. Matrix Extracts carries a widespan variety of strains and levels of CBD and THC making it a great place to get your medical cannabis from. Rest assured that all Matrix Extracts products are lab tested and created in a safe state-of-the-art facility. 

All procedures are followed and attention to detail is our first concern. Products become high quality, often because of the care and attention during the extraction and growing process. This is an area that Matrix Extracts excels in. You can shop for your medical cannabis and know that all of the products are of impeccable quality. Whether you’re looking for a CBD dominant strain and more relaxing effects or a THC dominant strain and more euphoric feelings, Matrix Extracts has exactly what you’re looking for.