Matrix Isolate – 99.88% CBD


  • CBD Isolate powder
  • Use orally or topically
  • Use in your vape, or roll it up with you joints
  • CBD can be used for Anxiety, Pain Relief, Anti-inflammation and more!
  • It’s the purest form of CBD without any additives, likened to the rockstar of the CBD world.
  • Pure CBD with no additional components, akin to the best piece of chocolate without fillers.
  • Easily consumable—under the tongue, mixed in drinks, or sprinkled on food for convenience.
  • THC-free and crafted with care, ensuring a safe and pure CBD experience.
  • Users describe feeling lighter, more relaxed, and experiencing a brighter outlook on life.
  • Affordable without compromising quality, offering peace and calm without breaking the bank.
Matrix Isolate - 99.88% CBD
Matrix Isolate – 99.88% CBD

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