What are Cannabis Concentrates?

Last Updated on December 30, 2023 by Marie Kathleen

With the ever-marching legalization of cannabis, more people are being introduced to new ways to enjoy this popular plant. Cannabis enthusiasts are no longer limited to smoking buds. Nowadays, you can acquire clean and fanciful flavors from cannabis concentrates!

Cannabis Concentrate?

Yes, that’s right! Science has reached a point that the essence of cannabis can be extracted into a fine concentrate.

Cannabis concentrates, extracts, oils, or whatever you want to call them, are umbrella terms for a whole host of products that you can create with cannabis. From vape oil to shatter, the concentrate can take many forms. All they need to become a reality are some very creative chemists.

All of these products are created using the concentrate from the cannabis flower (yes, it’s a flower). Depending on the process used, the chemist can create different kinds of concentrate. Each result is unique and has different levels of potency, texture, and consistency.

Why should I go for a concentrate when the “all-natural” plant version is right there?

Flower is enough for most people, that much is true. However, there’s a lot of reasons to try out cannabis extracts, especially in Canada. With cannabis being legal here, it’s easier than ever before to try new forms of cannabis.


There is a definite danger to getting overzealous. Much like any substance, overdosing is a definite possibility for the careless user. “Cannabis overdose” is not the same fatal event that it is for other drugs. Do note these same risks can go for smoking normal cannabis. It’s just that the potency of cannabis extract leads to newbies getting shocked by the potency after one hit.  

Practice safe consumption. Use the smallest amount of concentrate at as low a temperature as you need to vaporize it. Remember, concentrate is very potent, so you don’t need a lot of it to enjoy it.  As a simple measure, if the concentrate has 5x the amount of cannabinoids as the flower, then try consuming less than ⅕ of it.  Less is better.

Types of Cannabis Extracts

There are several kinds of cannabis extracts on the market. Depending on your region, some may be available to you right now.  You can take a look at our selection after reading this post and try some out for yourself!


The most popular form of the extract. This is because it fills the niche of recreation and medical treatment. It’s often compressed into a pill or tincture for easy consumption.  

Oil Extracts

This extract is used purely for treating medical conditions. Therefore, it does not have the recreational effects of THC oil. Like THC oil, it is compressed into pills and tinctures.

Both can be consumed with Vaporizer cartridges, which may sound like awesome space ammo, but it’s actually just an e-cigarette.. The only difference is that it’s an e-cigarette specifically made for cannabis extract. They’re portable and easy to use, which makes them the most popular for newbies.


This version of the extract can be put into food or drink. Alternatively, it can be consumed as a pill by itself.  Either way, you will need some sort of fat or oil for your digestive tract to process the THC in the extract.

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