What are THC Distillates and How to Use Them


Last Updated on November 4, 2021 by Marie Kathleen

With an appearance like golden ichor, it’s hard not to find the concept of distillates appealing. Today, let’s talk about THC distillates, from the lowdown on what it even is, to proper use of it.

What are THC Distillates?

The distillate is created by taking existing cannabis concentrate, and then putting it through even more separation. It’s basically “double-extracting” cannabis. What results is an even finer concentrate, with near-zero traces of any impurities. Unlike the way wax and shatter are made, the second extraction is a different process. Instead of a solvent, it uses a molecular distillation process, similar to the one used for alcohol. The result is then heated to a vapor state, and then recondensed into a liquid form.  If that sounds like a lot of work, that’s because it is.

Once done, you then put the resulting liquid into a special distillate syringe. From there, you just dab the liquid onto your dabbing rig and enjoy. Remember to take care and use only the smallest amount possible.  THC in this form is incredibly potent.

THC distillates are a popular choice for many enthusiasts thanks to their potency. A distillate with a 99% level of purity means that a single gram of THC distillate is twice as potent as a gram of hash and 4-6x that of smoking buds. It’s an insane amount of value for the quantity.  This makes it great for both recreational and medical use.

Contrary to popular belief, distillates are not made from low-quality “plant trimmings”. It’s not the sloppy seconds of the cannabis world. It is a process of refinement, not recycling. The only times that this would be true is when the trim contains very high levels of crystals.



Using a dabbing rig or specialized e-cigs, you can simply ingest the liquid through heated vapors.  Vaping is an excellent choice for people that value discretion and convenience.


You can simply mix in the distillate with any oil or fat you’ll be using for a dish and consume it that way. That means smooth weed brownies. It’s clear and translucent so it works with any oil-based dish.


Some manufacturers use low-quality plants to make the distillate, and mix in harmful additives to “buff” the oil. The resulting product will be way less potent and possibly even have negative effects. To avoid this, acquire your distillates from trusted sellers online.

While distillates are the cleanest of all the extracts, it does come at a slight cost. The purification process significantly removes a lot of the aromatic terpenes. Terpenes are what give cannabis its pleasant smells and calming effects. For enthusiasts, this can be a deal-breaker. However, for those who simply want the relief provided by the distillate for medical reasons, this is a non-issue.


THC distillates are some of the finest cannabis products you will encounter in the market. Make sure to follow safe vaping guidelines when ingesting. Never try and make it on your own. The process is incredibly complicated and deals with dangerous chemicals. 

Lastly, note that distillate is essentially a reverse terp sauce. Whereas terp sauce provides mostly flavor with a small amount of THC, distillates are mostly THC and rather low on flavor.

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