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Are you wondering where you can buy distillates online or if you can buy distillates online? The answer to your question is yes, you can. Finding a cannabis distributor that has high-quality distillates for sale online is easy, and you can get some pretty great prices. But what are distillates? If you’re new to the distillate world, you may not know enough about these products yet but would like to start purchasing some. Here we will discuss a bit about distillates and where to buy some for yourself.

What Are Cannabis Distillates?

As a new distillate user just getting into consuming different types of cannabis products, it can be confusing to try and get to know all the kinds of cannabis distillates that there are available. First, is understanding what is cannabis distillate anyways? Well, to put it simply. Cannabis distillates are cannabis extracts that go through a distillation process. The end product that comes out is high-quality and almost 100% THC or CBD products.

Cannabis distillates have to go through a boiling process, which takes away all the impurities, flavours, and aromas from the product in the end. These ingredients usually help elevate cannabis’ therapeutic potential.

THC Distillate

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is great for those who have a higher tolerance for consuming marijuana, whether for pleasure or for medical reasons because tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) compound boosts an increasingly high concentration of THC intoxication. Medically, it is great for people who experience pain, muscle spasms, insomnia, little appetite, nausea, and anxiety/stress.

CBD Distillate

Cannabidiol (CBD) is more of a casual high and doesn’t get you as intoxicated as Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) does when you consume it. CBD distillates is almost 100% pure cannabidiol (CBD) concentrate. It’s a very powerful distillate that provides wellness benefits of cannabis and hemp without the THC intoxication high. The cannabidiol (CBD) distillate can help with many issues such as inflammation, pain, nausea, depression, anxiety/stress, migraines and is even used to treat seizures.

Terpenes and Flavonoids

Terpenes and flavonoids are unique substances that are responsible for specific things in cannabis plants. Terpenes are responsible for the amazing aromas that you smell from your flower. You can find a minor percentage of terpene in your weed. On the other hand, flavonoids are responsible for the way the cannabis plant looks in the colour of each strain. Flavonoids have an even lesser percentage found in the flower than terpenes.

Where to Buy Cannabis Distillates?

It can be challenging to find out where you can buy the best and high-quality cannabis distillates in Canada. Still, online markets have made it so much easier. There are tons out there! One place, of course, is Matrix Extracts. Their online store has plenty of cannabis distillate products for your enjoyment at a reasonable price. They produce nothing but the most high-quality stuff for their customers.

Now that you know a bit more about what cannabis distillates are and the benefits of consuming them, you can be sure to know which to pick from. Check out the products we have here at Matrix Extracts. We’re confident that you’ll find something you like and leave us a customer review on any products you purchase. We love hearing your feedback!



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