About Matrix Extracts

Matrix Extracts was born from the idea that Canadians deserve the right to outstanding, local concentrates. Based out of Vancouver, BC., Matrix is dedicated to producing exceptional extracts, derived from Canadian Cannabis grown on the West Coast.

Rooted in a culture of high standards, the team at Matrix prides ourselves in cranking out consumable solutions. Whether you have body pain, mental stress or other personal needs – Matrix will be able to offer something to help.

Our shatter is brittle, translucent, glass-like and as potent as it is beautiful. Matrix shatter has been distilled using butane, and cured for an impressive 100 hours. The result is an exceptional product, purged of any residual solvents and impurities. Regardless of the strain, Matrix shatter guarantees 75-90% THC content.

Matrix distillate is the most pure and delicious distillate found in the market. Our careful extraction process transfers live plant terpenes and preserves each of these strains’ unique qualities, right down to subtle nuances of flavour.

Matrix Stealth recyclable vape pens provide exceptional quality. Each of the oils has been infused with true terpenes derived from plants to naturally provide exceptional flavour and aroma, as well as potency. They have 100% all natural ingredients, with flavours including blueberry very, mint mountain, mojito sunset, death bubba, just to name a few! Their price and disposability makes these pens ideal for sampling different flavours, and they can be recycled with your city’s battery recycling depot.

At Matrix, we create concentrate products that truly live up to our name. But our product line doesn’t stop there – we offer RSO/Phoenix Tears and also prefilled cartridges from our Core line, that are ready to vape when you are. You could say our product line is natural, delicious and superb.

As with all Matrix Extractions products, our goods adhere to careful production methods which utilize only food-grade materials in laboratory environments. All source materials have been grown without the use of pesticides and each product is guaranteed to be free of heavy metals.

Matrix Extractions, true to the core.