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Premium Oils

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These premium oils are perfect for every oil user. Created with the utmost attention to detail, Matrix Extracts creates the purest premium oils without the hefty price tag. All Matrix Extracts products are lab tested, and free of all fillers, metals and chemicals. Matrix Extracts quality is like no other and delivers the therapeutic results you’re craving. 

Understanding that everyone has different needs/wants, Matrix Extracts has various options and sizes available for purchase. We offer distillate oil that is nearly 100% pure, perfect for all your edible needs, and it’s delicious even on its own. Matrix Extracts also offers HTFSE oil (high terpene full spectrum extracts) with up to 90% cannabinoid content ready for you to enjoy.

Use in your vape, or add it to your next batch of gummies. Matrix Extracts premium oil is perfect for your budget. Need help deciding? We pride ourselves on our amazing customer service. 

With an amazing amount of variety and a large number of strains available, Matrix Extracts is the perfect place for all your cannabis oil needs. This brand is not only committed to delivering the best quality but also delivering it at a price that is affordable. Matrix Extracts follows intense procedures surrounding the creation of these premium oils and is accurate with measurements. This ensures that all of our products are pure and potent. Remember to dose at your pace and enjoy the beautiful effects of Matrix Extracts premium oils.