Matrix Distillate Syringe – MIX 14


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  • 1000mg THC per syringe
  • Pure Distillate Oil with True Terpenes for a superior flavour
  • Does NOT contain Vitamin E, Polyethylene Glycol, Propylene Glycol, MCT or any other fillers.
  • 99.5% Cannabinoid Content
  • Made using only food-grade formulations
  • Lab Tested
  • Distillate goodness packed in every syringe, offering pure, potent, and irresistible magic.
  • Rave reviews from people worldwide – it’s the ultimate distillate set, likened to finding a pot of gold.
  • Fourteen syringes offer diverse, wild experiences filled with fun, frolic, and intense emotions.
  • No mess or fuss – use straight from the syringe, effortless and convenient.
  • Each syringe guarantees a potent experience, reliable and consistent.
  • Portable, user-friendly syringes suitable for home or on-the-go use.
  • Fourteen syringes offer substantial value, akin to a golden ticket inside a candy bar.
  • No surprises, just clean, pure enjoyment with each use.
  • An ecstatic experience filled with varied emotions, akin to the best purchase ever made.
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Matrix Distillate Syringe - 1000mg THC

Matrix Distillate Syringe:
Gorilla Glue #4

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