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HTFSE stands for high terpene full-spectrum extracts and is, as the name says, full of terpenes. Matrix Extracts Terp Sauce HTFSE syringe is exactly what you need for your next high. Typically, HTFSE is four times stronger than dried flower and this is no exception. This is an incredibly high-quality concentrate that is free from any metals, and fillers. The syringe comes safely and securely packaged with a needle applicator free of charge. If you’re looking for a beautiful vape cartridge, then our Matrix Gold HTFSE is exactly what you need.Β 

This cartridge has the most divine flavour and contains a very high amount of cannabinoid content. Matrix Extracts uses only lab-tested products to ensure accurate dosing and clean ingredients. Choose from one of the many strains available today!Β 

Matrix Extracts works very hard to provide such extensive inventory and strain options so we can accommodate everyone. All of our strains are lab tested, free of any metals and fillers, and create the most beautiful experience. Get ready to take your high to the next level with these HTFSE products.