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Vape Pens

Vaping is convenient and fun. There are so many different vape cartridges and their flavour options are growing more plentiful every day. Formatted to fit with the classic 510 thread, Matrix Extracts vape pen refills are easy to clean, fill and use whether it be daily, recreationally, or medically. Vaping can remain discreet and features a very sleek, slender design. This makes it appealing for many people. Consisting of 3 main parts, the mouthpiece, the body/battery, and the cartridge, Matrix Extracts vape pens are easy to assemble and keep clean and sterile. 

Matrix Extracts also carries the battery charger separately so you don’t need to worry if you lose yours! Why not just grab another just in case? Matrix Extracts only carry exceptional quality items, so you can be sure that you’ll enjoy our vape pen refills. 

Carrying the highest quality, the best bud, and the purest cannabis concentrates, Matrix Extracts looks forward to amplifying your cannabis experience.