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Phoenix Tears

Matrix Extracts Phoenix Tears are made from pure, high quality flower. Phoenix Tears is a very potent cannabis concentrate, thought to be an effective treatment for many medical conditions. Matrix Extracts’ Phoenix Tears are free from all solvents and pesticides and are solely made from pure cannabis flowers.  Phoenix Tears are full spectrum, sometimes called RSO or Rick Simpson Oil, and come in 1ml, 2ml or 3ml syringe.

There is 500mg of THC in each of these vials. This is a very, very potent cannabis concentrate and should be handled accordingly. Dose accurately to ensure safe handling and achieve the wonderful effects. Matrix Extracts’ Phoenix Tears are best used orally or topically. 

The quality of these Phoenix Tears will delight you as you take your high to new levels with ease. Get lost in the smooth dark amber of Matrix Extracts’ Phoenix Tears and experience the most blissful euphoria. 

This product is lab-tested and free of all fillers and metals. It is made without the use of solvents or pesticides making it a pure, beautiful THC product. Matrix Extracts’ Phoenix Tears can be used to help a variety of medical conditions. It can also be enjoyed recreationally with friends. Matrix Extracts Phoenix Tears should definitely be on your “to-buy” list today!