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Vaping has become increasingly more popular in the last few years and there are a great many reasons for that. Vaping is convenient and discreet all at once. Small, thin designs made them resemble the slim build of a cigarette. A vape consists of few major parts. The mouthpiece, the cartridge, and the battery. Matrix Extracts carries a variety of cartridge packs both empty, (waiting for you to fill them) or filled already with amazing oil. They also carry an array of options for battery charging and disposable vape options. 

Disposable vapes are super convenient, as they come with their entire life battery fully charged. You never need to remember to charge your vape when you buy this! Still sleek, and slender, disposable vapes have the same design as a regular vape. This is a great way to try a few different kinds and find out which ones you love. Matrix Extracts products are high quality and carefully curated to give you only the best results. Experience the smooth, euphoria that Matrix Extracts vape juice has to offer in one of these vapes. They are also easy to clean and assemble.