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Cannabis concentrates have become increasingly more popular in the last few years, and it’s not hard to see why. Cannabis concentrates are a highly potent concentrated THC or CBD mass. They are very nearly pure. Matrix Extracts follows intense and strict procedures surrounding the production of cannabis concentrates. Doing this allows us to ensure the utmost safety and quality of our products. Matrix Extracts carries a large variety of both THC and CBD concentrates and offers them many different bundle options.Β 

Matrix Extracts understands that everyone enjoys their cannabis differently and prides ourselves in providing many different options for consumption. Disposable and convenient vape pens, along with shatter, and distillate oil are examples of how varied the options are.Β 

Doing our best to be able to have options for every cannabis user, our selection is diverse and affordable. Matrix Extracts is a proud Canadian brand that is committed to giving you the highest quality cannabis concentrates possible. From choosing the ingredients to the extraction process, Matrix Extracts takes the utmost care and concern and follows all procedures properly. Doing this ensures the best quality products and accurate dosing. Matrix Extracts cannabis concentrates are unlike any other.