HTFSE | The Good Oils


A look at the compounds found in modern extracts of the cannabis plant.  In this article, we will delve into the composition and benefits of one of these resulting products: the high terpene full-spectrum extracts that are more commonly referred to as HTFSEs.  Since cannabis was legalized in Canada in 2018, many cannabis-related products that […]

A Guide to the Use and Benefits of Phoenix Tears

Phoenix Tears syringe

Phoenix Rising A guide to the use and benefits of the Full-extract Cannabis Oil known as Phoenix Tears. Full-extract Cannabis Oil (FECO), as the name might suggest, is an extract of cannabis that contains the full range of active compounds present in the cannabis plant.  While most cannabis extraction methods focus on extracting specific compounds […]

Shatter Proof | The History and Use of Shatter

cannabis shatter

Take a look at the history and use of the cannabis concentrate product called Shatter.   Since cannabis was legalized in 2018, the number and variety of pure cannabis extracts Canada’s producers can supply has grown exponentially. Alongside the technological advances in the production and refinement of cannabis extracts, there has been a large growth in […]

What are Cannabis Concentrates?

cannabis concentrates

With the ever-marching legalization of cannabis, more people are being introduced to new ways to enjoy this popular plant. Cannabis enthusiasts are no longer limited to smoking buds. Nowadays, you can acquire clean and fanciful flavors from cannabis concentrates! Cannabis Concentrate? Yes, that’s right! Science has reached a point that the essence of cannabis can […]

 What are THC Distillates and How to Use Them


With an appearance like golden ichor, it’s hard not to find the concept of distillates appealing. Today, let’s talk about THC distillates, from the lowdown on what it even is, to proper use of it. What are THC Distillates? The distillate is created by taking existing cannabis concentrate, and then putting it through even more […]

Shatter – Cannabis in Glass Form?

Matrix-Shatter-close up

Cannabis is being legalized in most places around the world. With this legalization, many newbies won’t be ready for the more advanced sides of cannabis. It’s best to know what to expect from the different forms that cannabis can take. Today, let’s talk about one of these forms; the shimmery, glass-like substance known as shatter. […]

What are Shatter Bundles and are They Worth it?

Matrix Shatter Mix-28

Shatter bundles are growing in popularity on the market of cannabis derivatives. But before we get into the topic of shatter bundles, we need to explain what shatter is and how it affects you when consumed first. Keep reading as we investigate this thrilling product: What is shatter? Shatter is a type of cannabis extract […]

What is Terp Sauce and How is it Made?  

Matrix Terp Sauce HTFSE Syringe

Terp sauce may sound like some strange condiment dreamt up in a fever dream, but it’s a very real cannabis extract. Named as such for its high amounts of terpene and syrup-like consistency reminiscent of honey. Terpenes are what give cannabis flowers their distinctive aromas. Clever chemists can extract different aromas and flavors thanks to […]

Everything You Should Know About Distillate

Distillate isolate

The translucent and runny oil without waxes and other compounds that are removed from the original cannabis plant, is called distillate. Distillate is wanted by many because of its potency and versatility. This oil is used to dab, vaporize, and be mixed in edibles or topicals. Distillate products got their name because they are made […]