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Matrix Extracts understands that sometimes you just want more. Or, maybe you’re making a large batch of delicious and potent edibles and you NEED to have more. That’s why we have our bundle deals ready for you. Keeping in mind that Matrix Extracts sells only the best quality products, you can find distillate oil cartridges, along with various shatter strains and disposable vapes

Matrix Extracts carries Shatter in 3,7,14, and 28 grams as well as Distillate in 7,14, and 28 grams. All products go through extensive lab testing to ensure accuracy, and quality

Matrix Extracts offers a variety of bundled products for those looking for THC dominant products or CBD dominant products. Take advantage of Matrix Extracts disposable vape pens with so many different flavours to choose from. 

Try one of our Shatter combo packs. Get your distillate syringe or your THC distillate oil here and you can rest assured that you’re getting quality and affordability all in one. Priding ourselves in their quality of product, along with customer service, Matrix Extracts has everything you need to take your high to the next level, smoothly and quickly.