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Matrix Extracts Shatter is a beautiful amber colour that is brittle and potent. It’s also translucent and available in many different sizes, Matrix Extracts Shatter takes quality products to the next level. Our extractors create shatter from the cannabis flower and make a potent beautiful product. Matrix Extracts Shatter is lab-tested and free of all fillers, metals, and pesticides. Arriving to you in Matrix Extract’s beautiful blue and purple packaging, everything about this shatter will amaze you in every way. 

A guaranteed THC level of 75-90% makes this cannabis concentrate highly effective and desired. Shatter is a popular way to consume cannabis and is a very quick way to experience the beautiful high that cannabis can offer. 

Brittle, honey-coloured and glass like, Matrix Extracts shatter is a unique, and beautiful product, that is potent and powerful. This product is made in a pure lab-tested environment with the highest level of procedures to ensure quality. Matrix Extracts Shatter is the perfect way to consume cannabis and will deliver the high you’re looking for. Matrix Extracts Shatter is a high-quality cannabis concentrate that is perfect for new cannabis explorers or seasoned users.