Uncover Holiday Thrills with our Weed Advent Calendars!

As the festive season approaches, I am thrilled to introduce our weed advent calendars designed specifically for Canadian cannabis enthusiasts. These unique calendars are guaranteed to enhance the holiday buzz and add an exciting twist to your Christmas countdown. If you’re looking for a fun and enjoyable way to celebrate the holidays, our weed-themed advent calendar is the perfect choice.

Our weed advent calendar offers a daily surprise that will make your holiday season even more enjoyable. Each day, you’ll uncover a new cannabis product to indulge in. Say goodbye to traditional chocolate advent calendars and embrace a holiday experience like no other.

Key Takeaways:

  • Our weed advent calendars are designed for Canadian cannabis enthusiasts to enhance their holiday season.
  • These unique calendars provide a fun and exciting way to celebrate the holidays with daily surprises.
  • Experience the thrill of uncovering a new cannabis product every day with our weed-themed advent calendar.
  • Say goodbye to traditional chocolate advent calendars and embrace a holiday experience like no other.
  • Make your Christmas countdown unforgettable with our weed advent calendars.

Transforming the Christmas Countdown with Cannabis

When it comes to the holiday countdown, nothing quite compares to the excitement of opening a new door on an advent calendar. But for cannabis enthusiasts, the traditional chocolate or small gift-filled calendars just don’t cut it. That’s where the cannabis advent calendar comes in, transforming the Christmas countdown into a truly unique and memorable experience.

Instead of the usual treats, each day of the cannabis advent calendar brings a new cannabis product to enjoy. From pre-rolls and flower to edibles and more, these calendars offer a diverse range of options to enhance your holiday buzz. Imagine the anticipation and delight of discovering a different cannabis surprise every day as you count down to Christmas.

I can’t think of a better way to make the festive season even more enjoyable for cannabis lovers. With a cannabis advent calendar, every day becomes a celebration of the holiday spirit and the joy of cannabis.

Whether you prefer sativa, indica, or a hybrid strain, there is a cannabis advent calendar to suit your tastes. It’s a fun and exciting way to explore different products and strains, and it adds an extra element of anticipation and surprise to the holiday season. So why not transform your Christmas countdown with a cannabis advent calendar and experience the festive season in a whole new way?

Calendar Type Features
Weed Advent Calendar A daily assortment of cannabis products including pre-rolls, flower, and edibles.
Marijuana Advent Calendar A curated selection of high-quality marijuana products for a memorable holiday experience.
Holiday Countdown A unique way to count down the days until Christmas with cannabis surprises.
Festive Season Enhance the holiday spirit and enjoy the festive season with cannabis advent calendars.

Options for Cannabis Advent Calendars in Canada

Coast Range Cannabis offers a selection of Holidaze Advent Calendars that are perfect for cannabis enthusiasts in Canada looking for a special holiday treat. These calendars provide a variety of options, including flower and edibles, to enhance the festive spirit. The flower calendar offers 24 unique strains sourced from organic B.C. growers, providing cannabis enthusiasts with a premium selection. Each day, you can look forward to discovering 0.5 to 1 gram of dried buds equivalent, ensuring a delightful experience throughout the holiday season.

In addition to the cannabis treats, Coast Range Cannabis also includes a locally made wooden dowel advent tree with each Holidaze Advent Calendar purchase. This beautiful tree adds a festive touch to your holiday decorations while serving as a convenient way to display and access your daily surprises. It’s a perfect addition to any cannabis enthusiast’s holiday celebration.

Not only do these Holidaze Advent Calendars bring joy to cannabis enthusiasts, but they also support a good cause. With each sale, Coast Range Cannabis donates a portion of the proceeds to the Comox Valley Food Bank, ensuring that those in need are supported during the holiday season.

Table: Holidaze Advent Calendars Options

Calendar Type Details
Flower Calendar – 24 unique strains
Organic B.C. flower selection
– 0.5 to 1 gram of dried bud equivalent per day
Locally made wooden dowel advent tree included
– Supports Comox Valley Food Bank
Edibles Calendar – Weed brownies, craft THC chocolates, and B.C. fruit gummies
– Delightful edibles options
Locally made wooden dowel advent tree included
– Supports Comox Valley Food Bank

With Coast Range Cannabis’ Holidaze Advent Calendars, you can unwrap daily surprises and enjoy the holiday season in a unique and exciting way. Whether you prefer the flower or edibles option, these calendars are sure to bring joy and delight to your cannabis-themed holiday celebrations.

Coast Range Cannabis Advent Calendar

Brighten Up the Holidays with Colorful Pre-Rolls

When it comes to cannabis advent calendars, Color Cannabis offers a delightful option for Canadian cannabis enthusiasts. Their pre-roll calendar is designed to brighten up the holiday season with 24 days’ worth of colorful pre-rolls to enjoy. Each day brings a new and exciting strain, allowing you to experience a variety of flavors and effects throughout the month.

As a licensed producer, Color Cannabis ensures that their pre-rolls are made from high-quality cannabis and carefully crafted to deliver an exceptional smoking experience. The pre-rolls are gently milled from whole flower, ensuring a consistent and smooth burn. Plus, the perfect size pre-roll allows for easy and convenient consumption.

What makes Color Cannabis pre-roll calendar even more appealing is the range of THC percentages available. With options ranging from 18.5 to 28, you can choose the potency that suits your preferences and desired effects. Whether you prefer a mellow high or a more intense experience, there’s a pre-roll for everyone in this advent calendar.

You can find Color Cannabis pre-roll calendar at the Ontario Cannabis Store, making it easily accessible for cannabis enthusiasts across Canada. So brighten up your holidays with this colorful and exciting advent calendar, and elevate your festive season with the perfect pre-roll for each day.

Table: Color Cannabis Pre-Roll Calendar

Day Strain THC Percentage
1 Blue Dream 18.5%
2 Mango Haze 20%
3 Pink Kush 22%
4 Lemon Skunk 24%
5 Gelato 26%
6 Pineapple Express 28%

The Thinker x Ahlot Advent Calendar for Cannabis Connoisseurs

When it comes to cannabis advent calendars, the Thinker x Ahlot 24 Js for the Holidays is a limited-edition four-strain preroll pack that promises to elevate your festive experience. This advent calendar offers a unique selection of 24, 0.25 gram prerolls, each featuring a different strain carefully chosen to deliver varying potency and a range of THC and CBD content.

With THC percentages ranging from three to 28 per cent and CBD content from zero to 10 per cent, the Thinker x Ahlot advent calendar provides a variety of options to suit different preferences and tolerance levels. Each preroll is expertly crafted to ensure a consistent and enjoyable smoking experience, making it the perfect companion for cannabis connoisseurs during the holiday season.

Embrace the spirit of curiosity and exploration with the Thinker x Ahlot advent calendar, as you unwrap each day’s surprise and discover new strains that will take your thoughts ON+OFF.

As a limited-edition offering, the Thinker x Ahlot advent calendar is a must-have for cannabis enthusiasts looking to add a touch of exclusivity to their holiday celebrations. Whether you’re a seasoned cannabis connoisseur or a curious explorer, this advent calendar is designed to enhance your holiday experience and provide a daily dose of cannabis enjoyment.

Table: Thinker x Ahlot Advent Calendar – Strain Varieties and Potency

Day Strain THC Percentage CBD Percentage
1 Sativa A 10% 1%
2 Sativa B 12% 2%
3 Indica A 15% 3%
4 Indica B 18% 4%

With the Thinker x Ahlot advent calendar, you can embark on a journey of discovery, exploring different strains and enjoying their unique effects. This limited-edition pack is available for purchase at the Ontario Cannabis Store, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your holiday season with the 24 Js for the Holidays.

Unwrap Daily Surprises with Boozy Advent Calendars

While cannabis advent calendars offer a unique way to celebrate the holiday season, there are also a variety of boozy advent calendars available for those who prefer a different thrill. Brands like Flaviar, Vinebox, and Heritage Distilling have crafted calendars that bring the joy of top-shelf spirits to the countdown. Whether you’re a whiskey connoisseur or a beer lover, there’s a calendar that’s sure to delight your taste buds.

Flaviar is known for its curated selection of spirits, and their advent calendar is no exception. With each day, you’ll uncover samples of premium whiskey, rum, gin, and more. It’s the perfect way to explore new flavors and expand your palate during the festive season.

Vinebox, on the other hand, offers an advent calendar that focuses on wine. Each day brings a new miniature bottle of red, white, or sparkling wine, allowing you to discover different varietals and regions from around the world. It’s a wine lover’s dream come true.

For those who have a penchant for bourbon, Woodford Reserve and Cask Cartel have advent calendars that are sure to please. These calendars feature a selection of bourbon samples, allowing you to indulge in a different expression each day. From rich and spicy to smooth and mellow, there’s a bourbon for every taste.

Table: Boozy Advent Calendar Options

Brand Calendar Type
Flaviar Variety of spirits
Vinebox Wine
Heritage Distilling Gin and whiskey
Woodford Reserve Bourbon
Cask Cartel Bourbon
Four Roses Bourbon tasting kit
Give Them Beer Craft beer

If you’re more of a beer enthusiast, Give Them Beer has just the advent calendar for you. Their craft beer advent calendar features a variety of unique and flavorful brews from different breweries. It’s a fantastic way to discover new beers and support local craft beer producers.

Whether you’re a cannabis lover or a booze aficionado, advent calendars offer a daily dose of excitement and surprise during the holiday season. So go ahead, unwrap daily surprises with a boozy advent calendar and make this festive season even more enjoyable.

Boozy Advent Calendars Image


Weed advent calendars are a fantastic way for Canadian cannabis enthusiasts to infuse their festive season with excitement and joy. These unique calendars, filled with a variety of cannabis products, offer the perfect way to enhance the holiday buzz. Whether it’s flower, edibles, pre-rolls, or spirits, there is a cannabis or boozy advent calendar to suit every taste and preference.

Unwrapping daily surprises from a cannabis advent calendar adds an element of anticipation and fun to the holiday season. Each day brings a new and exciting product to enjoy, allowing cannabis enthusiasts to explore different strains and indulge in their favorite cannabis experiences.

With a weed advent calendar, Canadian cannabis enthusiasts can truly embrace the festive spirit and create lasting memories. Whether you’re looking to relax and unwind or elevate your celebrations, these calendars offer a delightful way to celebrate the holiday season with a touch of cannabis magic. So why not treat yourself or a loved one to the ultimate holiday thrill? Unwrap daily surprises and enjoy the festive season with our weed advent calendars.


What is a weed advent calendar?

A weed advent calendar is a unique twist on the traditional Christmas countdown. Instead of chocolates or small gifts, each day brings a new cannabis product to enjoy.

What kind of cannabis products are included in the advent calendars?

The advent calendars offer a variety of cannabis products, including flower (strains of dried bud), edibles (such as brownies, chocolates, and gummies), and pre-rolls (pre-made joints).

Where can I purchase a cannabis advent calendar in Canada?

Coast Range Cannabis, Color Cannabis, and Thinker x Ahlot offer cannabis advent calendars that are available for purchase. Coast Range Cannabis calendars can be purchased online, and Color Cannabis calendars can be purchased at the Ontario Cannabis Store. Thinker x Ahlot calendars are also available at the Ontario Cannabis Store.

Are the cannabis products in the advent calendars legal?

Yes, all the cannabis products included in the advent calendars are sourced from licensed producers and comply with Canadian cannabis regulations.

Are there any benefits or charitable contributions associated with purchasing a cannabis advent calendar?

Yes, purchasing a Coast Range Cannabis calendar supports the Comox Valley Food Bank with each sale. Additionally, all the advent calendars provide a fun and exciting way to celebrate the holiday season for cannabis enthusiasts.

Are there any boozy advent calendars available for non-cannabis enthusiasts?

Yes, there are several boozy advent calendars available for those who prefer a different kind of holiday thrill. Brands like Flaviar, Vinebox, Heritage Distilling, Woodford Reserve, Cask Cartel, and Four Roses offer a variety of spirit and bourbon advent calendars. Give Them Beer has a craft beer advent calendar for beer lovers.

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