What is Weed Shatter?

Last Updated on December 30, 2023 by Marie Kathleen

The average person knows what cannabis is, and even how to consume it, but what about weed shatter? Are you aware of what that is?

Weed shatter, shatter THC, is a highly potent weed concentrate. It is made with hash oil and follows a simple, but very dangerous process to create. Its THC levels are much higher than dried flowers, even high-quality flowers. Top shelf dried flower has a THC level of roughly 30℅, whereas weed shatter is somewhere between 80-90℅. It is potent and quickly effective. 

Shatter Colour

matrix weed shatter packageThe shade ranges from a honey colour to corn oil. It is transparent and resembles glass, which is where its name is derived. Shatter looks like a honey-coloured piece of glass and it’s incredibly brittle sometimes. Shatter is a weed extract with an incredibly high level of THC. Weed shatter that has more THC will be slightly more oily and sappy than brittle. The brittle batches have more tetrahydrocannabinol acid. (This is what makes the shatter brittle.)

Shatter THC was First Produced in the 1990s.

It commonly consumed with a heat component, such as a vape or dabbing tool. If eaten, the components do not have the same effect as they do when heated. The heat activates the components and then the shatter will deliver the desired and expected effect. Weed shatter is incredibly potent and should be consumed in small doses. It is used for those who want an immediate high, or for those who require a higher THC level to feel the effects.

Weed Shatter is Created using Butane Extracts.

The cannabis-dried flower is put in a tube and butane and other hydrocarbons are then pushed through the tube, stripping away the THC. The entire process can take anywhere from 8-24 hours. This process can be quite dangerous because it involves chemicals and high heat. It’s not recommended to make weed shatter at home. Professionals have the gear and equipment and can do it in a safe and controlled setting. The process of making weed shatter is very specific, and each step matters. It requires accuracy along with patience to create a great batch.

The High Level of THC Makes Weed Shatter Carry a Risk

Within moments of consuming, you will feel high. It’s great for anyone who requires immediate relief from any symptoms or anyone who wants to experience an intense high. Shatter is, not only potent but the high that it produces is quite different than consuming dried flower and is often referred to as a “pure high”. If you have questions surrounding the process or consumption. It’s highly recommended to start with a very small amount.

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