Everything You Need to Know About Cannabis Concentrates

Last Updated on December 30, 2023 by Marie Kathleen

Cannabis offers many benefits as it is, but cannabis concentrates and extracts offer even more. They mostly focus on the ingredients of this plant that matter the most. There are many variables that go into cannabis concentrates and we will explain them further in this post. 

What Are Cannabis Concentrates? 

By definition, a cannabis concentrate is a remaining material left from a cannabis plant after it has gone through removing unnecessary matter. However, it maintains the cannabinoids and terpenes from the original plant.

This whole process often transfers the whole pant material into a smaller, soft and sticky substance. These substances are much more powerful and have more influence thanks to their higher THC levels. If an average THC level ranges between 10-25%, the THC level of a cannabis concentrate levels from 50 – 90%. 

The main goal behind the concentrates and extracts is changing the consistency. This means the main elements that affect the power, the flavor and the aroma of the cannabis can be kept. These main elements are known as cannabinoids and terpenes.

Type of Cannabis Concentrates

There are a few types of cannabis concentrates and a few ways to ingest them. Each version has its own unique qualities and level of influence.


Capsules are also ingested orally. However, in comparison with the tinctures, the capsules need around 2 hours to take full effect. If you decide to use capsules, you can try a small dose, maybe around 5mg and increase over time.

Vaporized Cartridges

These oil-filled cartridges attach to a battery, like an e-cigarette. In order to ingest them, you can take a few puffs and wait a few minutes to feel the full effect. 


Hash is basically a pressed concentration of the plant’s sticky glands. It can be vaporized, dabed or smoked. If you want fast effects, we would recommend vaporizing or smoking.

Shatter, Wax, Dababble Oils

These fast-acting, powerful oils are refined by solvent by butane or CO2 and they have a high amount of THC, which is why they are so potent. 

How to Consume Cannabis Concentrates

Cannabis concentrates are consumed in a lot of different ways since not all the concentrate customers are smokers or dabbers. For those who are not familiar, dabbing is the process when you heat a concentrate to the point of vaporizing. This way it produces a highly powerful vapor that can be inhaled. Even though dabbing is the most common consumption method connected to this type of cannabis, these products can be experienced with other methods.


If you want a low-maintenance potency boost, try adding shatter down the middles of a joint or maybe add a powdered kief to your bowl. These methods are affordable but they can increase the influence of the smoke and add an extra flavor.

Dabbing requires heating the nail, or the dab rig equivalent, of the bong boil. To continue, you need to apply the concentrate directly to the hot surface where it will be turned into a vapor that can be inhaled. Instant and fast-acting high. 

Edibles on the other hand are smoke-free and have a long-lasting effect. They are easy to consume and do not require special equipment to prepare.

Sure there are a lot of ways to consume and prepare cannabis concentrates. If you are deciding to use them and experiment with them, make sure to buy them from quality like Matrix Extracts.

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