Where Do You Buy Bulk Shatter in Canada?

Last Updated on December 30, 2023 by Marie Kathleen

If you are someone who loves cannabis and consumes it regularly, surely you have heard of shatter. Shatter is probably one of the most popular cannabis concentrates and it is especially used in Canada. In this post, we will inform you of everything you need to know about shatter. We will tell you where you can buy it in Canada and how much it cost you.  

Everything You Need to Know About Shatter

It has potent THC extract and is commonly known as the “marijuana on steroids”. Its THC levels can be high from 75% or more, which is why it is sold at a high price.

Its origins are from the early 2010s and they have become one of the most popular extracts in a very short time. If you are not sure what it looks like- it is a bright and hypnotizing concentrate that is extremely easy to use in comparison with other extracts.

This cannabis concentrate is a type of Butane Hash Oil, also known as BHO, together with wax, sap or budder. It differentiates from the other extracts by its unique consistency and bright, gold color. It got its name because the final product is pressed into a sheet that can be easily “shattered” or broken. 

Where to Buy Bulk Shatter in Canada

It’s easy to buy shatter in Canada. You can order bulk shatter online. The prices of the shatter depend on many valuables like their grade quality, the brand that produces them, then is it a nug run or trim run shatter, and of course, the quantity.

What Is the Cost? 

When it comes to the cost of the shatter in Canada, it really depends on how much you would like to buy, as well as the shatter’s quality. For instance, the most common price in a retail cannabis store for a gram of top-shelf nug run shatter is somewhere between $50 to $75 per gram. 

You can also find shatter at more affordable prices online. The price online ranges somewhere between $20 to $35 dollar

What you need to know however is that the price per gram can get more affordable only if you decide to buy bulk shatter or wholesale shatter. You can buy bulk shatter from a Mail Order Marijuana (MOM) website like Matrix Extracts. This way, you will find it at cheaper prices if you compare it to the shatter prices sold by the gram.

With a MOM dispensary, you can find a bulk shatter available in 14 and 28 grams. If you are interested in wholesale shatter, however, you can find it by the quarter-pound and half-pound. Check out what Matrix Extracts can offer you here.

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